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Sedona Labs® has been supplying retailers with specialized, science-based probiotic, enzyme and natural supplements for over 20 years, offering a full line of products to address consumers' preventative and therapeutic health needs.

Sedona Labs® supplements are formulated and distributed in house, and manufactured in state-of-the-art, FDA certified facilities that are registered with the National Science Foundation Good Manufacturing Practices and are ISO 9001 Certified Laboratories accredited. The Sedona Labs® team proudly delivers reliable service while supplying the highest quality probiotic and enzyme formulations available.

New Formulas in 2014 with featured support for:

  • Immune & Intestinal Health
  • Gum & Teeth Health
  • Acid Balance & Digestion

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- If you are a consumer please purchase our fine products from one of our quality retailer stores here.

iFlora Multi-Probiotic

iFlora® Multi-Probiotic®

iFlora Women Multi-probiotics

iFlora Women Multi-Probiotic

iFlora  Nasal Sinus Support

iFlora Nasal Sinus Support

The Sedona Labs® professionals know that the process of making high quality probiotics is crucial to their viability and effectiveness. All Sedona Labs® probiotics are formulated and distributed from Sedona Labs® and manufactured in state of the art, FDA registered facilities. This attention to care ensures purity and freshness from start to finish; all Sedona Labs® products are independently tested for quality assurance.

Retailers, please call 1-888-816-8804 (Monday-Friday 7am-5pm MST) to order Sedona Labs Products.



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